ICRM Mailing Address

Institute of Certified Records Managers

403 East Taft Road
North Syracuse, NY 13212
U. S. A.

Phone:  1-877-244-3128 (USA and Canada) Staffed between 9AM - 4:30PM Eastern Time
Alternate number: 315-234-1904
Fax: 315-474-1784

Exam Registration Tutorial

To register for the exams, log onto the ICRM website (www.icrm.org). Select Member Database Logon.

Enter your ICRM ID and password and click on Logon.

If you do not have an ICRM ID and password, contact Steve Grandin at admin@icrm.org. Phone: (877) 244-3128 -- Alt: (518) 694-5362
Fax: (518) 463-8656

In most cases, candidate will only have one Role and will not be asked to select a Role, however if a list of Roles does appear simply select Member of the Institute for this exercise

Go to "View Personal Details".

Select "Exam Status".

Select "Register for an Exam".

Select the exam cycle you wish to register.

Select the exam part number you wish to take. If you have passed Parts 1 - 5, only Part 6 will be displayed.

Click on Register for Exam . You will receive the following message Your registration request has been accepted and will be sent to the designated Exam Center . Your exam status will be Requested . Once your eligibility has been confirmed, your status will change to Authorized. This should happen within 24 hours. If your status does not change, please contact me at examadmin@icrm.org. Return to this same screen to continue the registration process.

Once your exam status has changed to Authorized, select the Exam (cycle) and Exam Number you wish to schedule.

The Exam Part Detail Information screen will be displayed. For your convenience, an initial Pearson VUE account has been set up for you. You will be provided with your ICRM ID, your Pearson VUE user name and an initial password. You will need this information to schedule your exams. If you have registered for previous exams, you should use the Pearson VUE password and ID established at that time.

The ICRM landing page on the Pearson VUE website allows you to schedule, cancel or reschedule your exams. It also has a copy of the Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA) that all candidates are requested to accept prior to starting their exams.

You are now ready to schedule your exams. Select Option 2 Schedule, reschedule or cancel your ICRM exam. You will enter your Pearson VUE ID and password and click on Sign In. This will bring you to the Current Activity screen. This screen displays details about future exam appointments, and the status of current registrations. Click on Schedule Exams . Select ICRM and click on the Continue button. You can now select the exam(s) you would like to book. The next step is to choose the test center at which you will take your exam. You begin by searching for test center using geographical criteria: country, city, and/or ZIP/postal codes. The system will bring back the 5, 10 or 20 closest test centers. Click on Search to find the test centers. The screen will refresh to show the test centers that match your search criteria. Select the test center of your choice and the screen will refresh again to confirm your choice. Click on the Continue button to continue.

You will now choose the date and time of your exam appointment. Select the day you wish to test. Parts 1 - 5 may be during the 5 day exam cycle. Part 6 can only be taken on Thursday of the exam cycle. When you select the date you wish to test, the screen will refresh to show the available appointment times. You will highlight the dates and times of your choice in the text box, click on Select Appointment button and the screen will refresh again. Click on Continue and you will be taken to the Review page. Here you will see your test appointment confirmed and the amount to pay.

You are able to cancel any or all of your exams up to 24 hours prior to the beginning of the exam cycle. To cancel, return to the Pearson VUE screen and cancel your exam. Please also notify the Regent, Exam Administration of your withdrawal.

Candidates taking Part 6 will have 240 minutes to complete the exam with 5 minutes allotted administrative time for reading and responding to the nondisclosure agreement. Be aware that there is no spell check available. There are also very limited formatting options. There are no bullet or bolding functions available. The 60 point case study will be presented first. Subsequent screens will lead you through the case study structure. You will be able to copy, cut and paste within each window ONLY--NOT between Case Studies. Once you submit your response to the 60 point exam, you will not be able to return to that screen and make any changes.

All candidates will be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement prior to beginning the exam. If you do no accept the non-disclosure agreement, you will not be allowed to complete the exam. You will have 5 minutes to read and accept this non-disclosure agreement. If you do not complete this action during the allotted time, you will be locked out of the exam, forfeit your fees and have to wait until the next exam cycle to test. A copy of the non-disclosure statement is on the ICRM landing page on the Pearson VUE web site. You have the opportunity to review the non-disclosure agreement prior to the exam.

After completing the 60 point case study, you will have an opportunity to read both the 40 point questions and select the case study you wish to respond. The same restrictions to the 60 point exam apply to the 40 pt exam.

If you have questions or concerns , please feel free to contact me at sampleb@michigan.gov.